DNEL Ltd are a professional a brand aware Events Logistics company who are our preferred supplier within CCE Events , They are entrusted to store, pick and pack and manage our assets within their warehousing facility , They are an integral part of our operation, and a company that you can rely on, if I could summarise Their business in 5 words they would be:


Robb Poll

Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Coca Cola Events

Completely Changed my opinion on our route to market and the recognition that within event management  you need a Specialised Logistics Company not just a delivery solution,  These guys take ownership of our brand as if it was their own, they don’t go the extra mile they go the extra continent, Once I have them booked in for an event the whole team has confidence that all their hard work on getting a project this far will be replicated within activation

Leigh Williamson

Project Director, Vision 9

Is there nowhere these guys cant activate such a tight and tough location in the dead of night we arrive on site and the guys are there , our equipment off loaded and in its required site some times you just have to ask why did a solution like DNEL Ltd not exist before

Reece Dupoy

Diagon Ltd